November 2023


Learning About The Wilderness Indoors

There are only so many people that want to go outside and take a hike through the woods, desert, mountains, or other terrains to view the different wildlife there. Most people who view wildlife like how the animals look with their unique coloration, patterns, behaviors, and different physical traits about them, but know not to get anywhere near them. Luckily, there are amazing custom stuffed animals that can be made to look identical to their wild living counterpart.

Companies such as will create custom stuffed animals so that these horseplush versions look exactly like the real thing. Having a stuffed replica of an animal is a great way to educate people of any age from a young child to an older adult about the wilderness. One gets to hold a replica of the real animal without the risks of getting sick, or getting injured. Another plus to a stuffed animal is that if you have children, you are not only educating them about the animal, but giving them a realistic cuddle buddy.

Custom stuffed animals are a way to have a one-of-a-kind plush that people will ask about and want to learn about it. will take images that you send in of an animal and then they will create it for you in plush version. You can even select how the animal’s features are positioned when created. This gives each animal their own personality and unique quality about them. No two will be identical, like no two animals in the wilderness are exactly alike. While the process is not cheap, it is a way to get a realistic animal that you can use in the classroom, as a decoration, give to your kids, and tell people about the environment and how the animal interacts in their environment.

Custom stuffed animals are a great learning tool for the classroom as it gives the kids a visual cowwithout having to take a field trip to the zoo, or wildlife preserves. Some teachers can even have a presentation on the animal’s habitat before showing the animal to the kids and letting them all pass it around and play with it. An accurate representation is more memorable than a simple stuffed animal, or image online.

Having the custom stuffed animals as a decoration will create a conversation starter. People will ask why you have it, where you bought it, and even when you got it. At that point you can tell them about the animal as to why you got it. How the animal lives in its own habitat and interacts with others. You can help educate your family and friends with telling your story of why you have the plush animal. As your children grow older you can educate them by telling them stories about their favorite cuddle buddy that you bought them. Make up daily life of the animal, and show your child what different traits of the animal help them survive such as their claws, tail, camouflage, eyesight, or limbs- depending on the animal.

Having a lifelong friend for yourself, or your child, that also is connected to the wilderness is a special keepsake to own. It can be used through countless generations (if kept well) to teach about the wilderness and all of its secrets. Whether it be about that particular animal, or its friends in the wild, everyone will appreciate and love the custom made stuffed animal.